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Typical Services

Any project requires a careful verification that the desired results are aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. This can be a quick verification if the organization’s goals and operating strategy are well defined and active or may involve updating before the project goals can be finalized.

Typical project areas are

  • Coaching key people to effectively overcome challenges
  • Management Training
  • Designing & Implementing Effective Compensation Plans
  • Searches for Key Positions; HR Audits
  • Implementing or Leading Corporate Meditation Programs
  • HR & Organization-wide Reorganizations
  • Creating/Updating HR Policies & Procedures
  • HR-Related Legal & Ethical Compliance
  • Benefits Planning & Wellness Programs
  • Organization Communications
  • HR Audits

Project Plan

I will develop and draft goals, deliverables, metrics and project plan/timeline with you so that buy-in can be secured with all stakeholders. Resources needed for the project will be identified and agreed upon before proceeding.

In most engagements, I am the sole consultant.  In some larger scale projects, I will bring in an additional consultant to assist, for example, if it involves training larger numbers of people or requires more extensive analysis than can be done by one person.

Execution and Evaluation

Scope of projects varies. In some cases I am responsible for all or most of the activities and deliverables. In other cases there is considerable responsibility given to team members from your organization. In most cases I will lead the project unless there is a designated leader from your organization in which case I will have a Facilitator role. Either way, I will assure that the goals are kept in focus, that the timeline is adhered to and that objectives are met.

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